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Request Supplies

Fill out the form to submit a request for new supplies.

Patient ID is your unique account # with Nationwide Medical, Inc., and can be found in the most recent resupply email you have received. If unknown, please fill in "N/K" for Not Known.

Which supplies would you like to receive? Please select all that apply.
Additional Items (If applicable):
Are you also interested in adding CGM equipment to your resupply box?
On average, do you use your machine for more than 4 hours per night? (For insurance purposes)
I consent to the replacement of the selected item(s) and determined my current supply is cracked, dirty, discolored, odorous, stretched, or ripped.
Please indicate if you have an address, insurance, or equipment change. (Selecting any of the options below will prompt for an order specialist to review your order and/or to contact you via phone, email, or text to confirm order details.)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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