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We Service Most Medicare Patients


Winner of 96% of the competitive bid areas for CPAP Therapy

In 2015, we won 96% of the competitive bid areas available from Medicare. This means that we likely are able to serve you in your current state. Give us a call to see if your're eligible for care in your area.

We contact you every 90 days to ensure your compliance

So that you can continue CPAP machine therapy, our Clinical Care team will monitor your CPAP machine through its modem or smart card to ensure you are compliant in its use. We will help you learn how to use the machine so that you comply with Medicare's rules and don't lose the benefit of Medicare coverage. If you are not compliant, we will work with you so that Medicare continues to cover your therapy. 

We make sure you get your CPAP supplies when you need them

Our Patient Relation Specialists always look after your account and will contact you when you are due for supplies per Medicare guidelines. 

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I want to start CPAP Therapy:


  1. See your doctor about your sleep related problems to see if sleep apnea therapy is right for you.

  2. Get a sleep study if your doctor deems that you might benefit from CPAP therapy.

    • After the sleep study, your doctor will review the results and write a prescription for a CPAP therapy device if the study shows you suffer from sleep apnea.

  3. Have your doctor send us a copy of your related medical records and the sleep study results.

    • ​Have your doctor fax us documentation at 818-338-3501.

    • If the documents submitted meet Medicare's requirements, we will let you know and continue getting you set up with your new machine and supplies.

  4. Make sure to use your device 4 hours a night.

    • Medicare requires all new CPAP therapy patients to use their newly acquired CPAP machine for at least 4 hours a night.

    • This is called the "compliance period." 

    • Failure to pass the compliance period will result in Medicare not paying for your new machine. 

  5. Follow up with your doctor within the 90 day compliance period.

    • ​Before the 90-day period is over, you must revisit your doctor to discuss how your new CPAP therapy is going.

    • After the appointment, the doctor will determine if the therapy is beneficial for your health and will need to send us the appropriate documentation.





I need to replace my CPAP Supplies:
  1. See your doctor.

    • Medicare requires that you have seen your doctor within the past 12 months

    • Your doctor should document in your records your ongoing OSA diagnosis and the need to continue CPAP therapy

  2. Get a new prescription for your CPAP supplies.

    • Ask your doctor for a prescription for all your CPAP supplies

  3. Have your doctor send us your CPAP supply prescription and ALL of your previous medical records, which include:

    • Your medical records from the first time you talked to your doctor about your sleep issues

    • Your most recent sleep study results

    • Your compliance download from your 90-day trial period

    • Your medical records from your doctor visit that was within your 90-day trial period

  4. Provide us with the make, model, purchase date and your insurance at the time of purchase.


Competitive Bidding

Medicare has recently implemented the Competitive Bidding Program in an effort to help reduce healthcare costs. This program has already affected many parts of the country and will continue to affect more as the program expands. If your current CPAP provider is NOT recognized as a Medicare Contract Supplier you may receive a letter stating that they will no longer be able to provide you services or supplies. Only accredited suppliers with winning bids will be able to provide services to Medicare patients moving forward.  We are happy to announce that we have been selected by Medicare as a National Medicare Contract Supplier and will be able to service Medicare CPAP patients in almost all bidding areas.


What does Competitive Bidding mean for you?


If you are a Medicare patient living in one of the Competitive Bidding areas you will most likely be required to use a Medicare Contract Supplier in order to receive coverage for your CPAP supplies and equipment.


We urge you to contact your current provider to see if they are contracted to service your area and help avoid any disruptions with your coverage. It is important that you have a reliable source for your CPAP supplies and equipment, as well as therapy support at all times. If your provider is unable to service your area please give us a call to see how we can help. We are here to answer any questions you may have about these recent Medicare changes.


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