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Nationwide Medical is committed to providing our patients with industry-leading service and expertise. Nationwide has established relationships with thousands of insurance providers around the country. We are also Medicare providers winning 96% of bid areas for PAP Therapy. We offer the most extensive CPAP Therapy Program in the country and will work with you and your insurance to get you the supplies you need. Learn more about what Nationwide can do for you below:

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Free Consultation

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90 Day Check-Ins

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First Time User Support

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Equipment Troubleshooting

On-staff Clinicians

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Therapy Analysis

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Emergency Support

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Most Insurances Acceppted

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Stationary and Portable

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Tracking and Monitoring


Other Respiratory Treatments

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BiPAP Therapy

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APAP Therapy



Continuous Glucose Monitors

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FreeStyle Libre 2 system

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Dexcom G7

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Medicare Patients

We Service All Medicare Patients

Learn how we work with Medicare to serve you:


We contact you every 90 days to ensure your compliance

Our Clinical Care team will monitor your CPAP machine through its modem or smart card to ensure you are compliant in its use. We will help you learn how to use the machine so that you comply with Medicare's rules and don't lose the benefit of Medicare coverage. If you are not compliant, we will work with you so that Medicare continues to cover your therapy. 


We make sure you get your CPAP supplies when you need them

Our Patient Relation Specialists always look after your account and will contact you when you are due for supplies per Medicare guidelines. 

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Other Insurances

Non-Medicare Patient Insurance

Nationwide Medical has established relationships with thousands of insurance providers around the country. We offer the most extensive CPAP Therapy Program in the country and will work with you and your insurance to get you the supplies you need. If you want to know how much your insurance will cover you for your CPAP supplies, fill out our insurance questionnaire, or call us at 1-877-307-2727.

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"I had a wonderful experience with Gina, she called to let me know that Nationwide Medical received my referral, she was very informative and professional. What she told me would happened, happened. Which is something I appreciate. Thank you Gina!"

-Michelle B.

"The staff at Nationwide Medical have been very helpful over the years. They are knowledgeable and cheerful. I have visited their office numerous times for one-on-one help. They are the greatest!"

-Jerry B.

"I have been ordering supplies for more than 5 years. The supplies always arrive when they say they will. They are very professional and helpful and can answer any questions you may have. If they do not know the answer they will find out for you...Great company to deal with!"

-Sheri A.

"Nationwide Medical is an outstanding company. They have outstanding management, outstanding products, and outstanding customer service. My experience is that they are the best supplier of CPAP and BiPAP products in the US. I highly recommend their products and services."

-Steve S.

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