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Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment FAQ's

Billing FAQ's

New Patient FAQ's

Equipment FAQ's


I keep getting water in my mask and I feel like I’m drowning! What’s going on?

Many times this problem is due to condensation and your humidifier being turned up to high. Have you tried lowering your humidifier setting? We also have what is called a tube cover. What this does is it wraps around your tube and insulates the heat, which minimizes condensation.


I wake up in the morning with marks all over my face. I’m so embarrassed to go to work when I wake up! What am I doing wrong?

It sounds like you have your mask on too tight. I would suggest that you loosen your headgear a little bit. You don’t want your mask on too tight or too loose. It takes some time to find your right size but don’t give up! If the same problem still occurs, give us a call and we’ll find you another mask that fits just right!


Why do I have to use this machine? it’s such a hassle.

The reason you need a CPAP/bi-level machine is because you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep. There are different types of sleep apnea: Obstructive, Central and Mixed. While you may feel that using this machine is challenging, over time you will see that your tolerance in using the machine will be greater and the effects you’ll feel each morning after using the machine will be worth it in the beginning!


My machine makes a breathing noise. Is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal to hear the machine “ breathing” with you. It’s putting out air as you breathe in and releasing air as you breath out.


Why do I have to use distilled water in my humidifier?

Water filtration systems do not remove all of the minerals naturally present in the water. The minerals will damage the metal portion of the humidifier reservoir. Distilled water is recommended because of its lack of minerals.


Why do I wake up with abdominal bloating or belching after using my CPAP?

Waking with abdominal bloating may be a sign that you are swallowing air while using the CPAP. For some people, adjusting your sleeping position can alleviate this. There is no correct position, so you may need to experiment a little. If changing positions does not help, contact your physician. He/she may want to decrease your pressure to see if the bloating or belching stops.


Why do I sometimes wake in the morning and find that I am no longer wearing my mask?

There are several reasons why people might remove their masks while sleeping. We suspect that the most common reasons involve the pressure setting and inadequate air supply. For instance, if the pressure is set too low or the mask is leaking significantly, air supply may be diminished. If the pressure is too high, it may be too difficult to exhale against it or may cause the mask to leak. You may also just need sometime to get adjusted to sleeping with the mask. This is all new to you and the more you use the machine the easier it will become and the quicker your body will get used to sleeping with the mask.


I use a nasal mask with my humidifier every night. Why is my mouth so dry when I wake in the morning?

In most cases a dry mouth indicates that a person is breathing through their mouth while sleeping. Since a mouth-breather using only a nasal mask is not receiving adequate therapy, doctors attempt to remedy the problem by prescribing a chinstrap which helps to keep the mouth closed or a full-face mask (covering the nose and mouth) allowing a person to continue to breathe through the mouth. In some cases if you are on a particular type of medication this may cause your mouth to become extremely dry. Read the side effects to all or any medication prescribed.


My mask leaves red marks on my face. How can this be avoided?

Usually red marks cannot be completely avoided. However, if the marks are painful or become open sores, your mask is not a proper fit or it is not adjusted correctly. When wearing a nasal mask it should fit directly on the bridge of your nose and the bottom sitting in between your top lip and bottom of your nose. The mask should not sit directly under your nostrils (mask is too small) nor should it sit on the top of your lips (mask is too big). A full face mask should sit directly at the bridge of your nose and in between your bottom lip and the bottom of your chin. If the mask sits on or under your chin it is too big. If it sits on your bottom lip it is to small.


I just can’t seem to adjust to using CPAP. How long will it take?

This will come with time; the more you use the machine the easier it will become to adjust. There are a few steps to making it a little easier to get adjusted (1) assuring your mask is the right fit, (2) finding your comfort zone, and (3) sleeping towards the end of the pillow will allow the mask to stay in place and help prevent leaks. For further assistance please contact one of our techs at 1-877-307-2727.


Why do I get so much condensation in my tubing?

Check the temperature of the humidifier, it is recommended to keep it between 1-3 depending on the humidity in your area.


Why does the machine make a popping noise in the middle of the night?

Condensation may have formed causing water to get into the tubing. Air dry the tubing by turning the machine on and letting it dry out the tubing.


Can I set my machine to be on an auto on/off?

Yes. Contact one of our technicians that would be happy to walk you through your settings.


What is the ramp button for?

The machine begins at a lower pressure (as low as 4) and gradually works it way up the pressure prescribed by your physician within 25-30 minutes.

Billing FAQ's


Why am I receiving an explanation of benefits from my insurance carrier every month, when I only received one shipment?

Please note that one shipment includes three month's worth of supplies. Your insurance carrier requires that we bill over three consecutive months. Therefore based on this billing process, you will receive three separate Explanation of Benefit remittances from your insurance carrier in conjunction with three separate monthly statements from Nationwide Medical.


I can’t afford to make my payment. What can I do?

First and foremost, we are here to help you be successful with your PAP therapy. If you have concerns about your monthly statement, please contact us at 1-877-307-2727. We will work with you regarding any payments due.


I can get my supplies cheaper online. Why should I get them from Nationwide?

By getting your supplies through us, you utilize your insurance benefits. Oftentimes, supplies purchased online do not include a warranty; you do not know if your equipment is new or refurbished. The equipment supplied by Nationwide Medical is new and our excellent customer service representatives are available for any technical help you may need. Your patient care is of the utmost importance to us.


How do you determine the charge amount?

Our prices are based on the geographical area and our manufacturers’ suggested retail pricing.

New Patient FAQ's


How are you different from my supplier?

We contact our patients once every 90 days to follow-up on your therapy and to remind you of how often you should be changing out your supplies. We strictly deal with CPAP/BPAP supplies so anytime you speak with a representative from our office you can be confident that they are able to take care of your needs.


Will this cost me anything?

Most insurance companies cover these supplies. We will call your insurance company to verify coverage before sending any items to you and then we will also call you once we have verified you benefits. We work with each of our patients individually to make sure their insurance is approved prior to sending supplies. I can have one of my insurance specialists verify your insurance and contact you to go over your benefits with you. Our biggest concern is getting you the proper care for your machine, if this is going to cause you a financial problem I can put that in the records and someone in our insurance department will go over your options with you.


My insurance company says I can only get a new mask/tube every six months?

Most insurance companies actually approve for you to receive supplies on a quarterly basis. One of our insurance specialists can verify your insurance and go over your benefits with you.


I wash my supplies out; why do I need to change them?

While it is good you are washing your supplies, they still need to be changed on a regular basis to avoid bacteria growth. Most insurance companies approve for you to change your supplies out on a regular basis. We can always customize your orders to receive supplies as often as you feel you need them.


What supplies do I need to change out?

Your CPAP/BiLevel machine has several supplies that should be changed out on a regular basis. For example your mask should be changed out once every three months and your filter should be changed once every two weeks to avoid bacteria growth.


I moved and I can’t find my machine or I lost my machine, what do I do?

You could possibly be approved for a replacement machine. We would just need a few pieces of information to verify if your insurance would cover you for a new machine.


I don’t like the mask I am using, what do I do?

If you are having problems with your current mask we can suggest a different type of mask that might work better for you. The great thing about us is our biggest concern is your compliance so we will make every effort to make sure you are getting the proper care.


Do I have to get a new sleep study to get supplies from you?

We have specialists that will put every effort they can to make get the documents needed in order to send your supplies. Once we have the correct information up-front we will not need to get it again. We would need to know the name of the doctor that ordered the sleep study or the name of the facility where the sleep study was performed and we would do everything we could to get a copy or your original sleep study.

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