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I have a SoClean. Do I still need to change out my supplies?

Updated: May 12, 2023

Keeping your CPAP/BiLevel equipment and supplies clean is a major component of successful therapy. The SoClean was introduced to PAP users to help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria found in masks, tubing and water chambers. This unit is beneficial to help those who are concerned about infection and bacteria in their equipment by providing ease of cleaning without having to take apart their equipment.

While SoClean is a useful tool, it is important to continue to change out your supplies every 90 days as suggested by your insurance company. The SoClean can assist in keeping those supplies more sanitary on a day-to-day basis, however, after 90 days, plastic and silicone supplies will begin to break down with regular use.

For example, mask cushions lose their seal over time. Eventually you must tighten your headgear to the point of overtightening to maintain a seal with your face. This can cause sores to appear. If you have a Full Face Mask (covers the nose and the mouth) the recommended guidelines suggest changing out the cushion once per month and if you have a regular nasal pillow or nasal mask (only covers the nose and not the mouth) the guidelines suggest changing the cushion/pillows out every two weeks.

At a certain point, no amount of cleaning can effectively eliminate all bacterial growth. The amount of bacteria increases with time. Bacteria is then transferred from the machine to your airway. This can lead to further respiratory issues and cause harm to your health.

Utilizing the SoClean will help to make daily cleaning easier though it is not designed to extend the life of your equipment or supplies. It is recommended to continue to adhere closely to resupply guidelines for optimal PAP therapy.

As a reminder, the typical insurance resupply guideline are as follows:

Please note that some insurance company guidelines may vary from the frequencies listed above.

If at any time, you have questions about changing out your supplies, or want to investigate using a SoClean to make daily cleaning simpler, please contact our team toll-free at (877) 307-2727.

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