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Introducing Two New Masks from Fisher & Paykel

Updated: May 12, 2023

With new technology developing every day, manufacturers are working hard to ensure you have the most up to date CPAP equipment. Fisher & Paykel have just come out with two new nasal masks with updated features.


The Brevida

This is a nasal pillow mask that could be considered an upgrade from the Pilairo, the existing nasal pillow mask from Fisher & Paykel. The nasal pillows will self-inflate to fit like the Pilairo, however it is no longer one size fits all. There will be two size options you can choose from. (XS-S) and (M-L). There is also an upgrade in the headgear. The headgear still has a low profile, but now has more stability and comfort. Overall this mask is a fantastic upgrade if you are considering using a new nasal pillow mask.

Eson 2

The ESON 2

The ESON 2 is the newest nasal cushion mask. This is an upgrade of the regular ESON nasal cushion mask that has been popular for years. Thanks to feedback and research, this mask has become better than ever. With new development of a RollFit seal, the cushion will continue to move to the positions you change to in your sleep. The exhalation noise will be reduced, making a more peaceful bedroom environment. Fisher & Paykel have also developed an easy to fit headgear for this mask. The ESON 2 has kept all the features patients love about the original, but now has fixed any issues and made some slight improvements in comfort.

One more feature shared between these masks are washable diffusers. With the existing Fisher & Paykel masks, all come with six white disposable diffusers. These diffusers are sometimes hard to replace and get easily lost. With these two new masks, they come with an easy to clean diffuser that should last the entire 90 days for resupply. This simplifies the upkeep of your supplies and makes your life easier. We offer both these new masks. If you are interested or have any questions, a representative with be happy to help. Give us a call today!

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