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What is a chinstrap and should I be using one?

Updated: May 12, 2023

If you are using a nasal cushion or pillow CPAP mask the answer is yes. A chinstrap is used to keep the mouth closed during a night’s sleep. If the air blowing from the CPAP machine is only going through your nose, a chinstrap is necessary. When you sleep at night your lower jaw becomes relaxed, this creates an opening for air to enter and exit. The air pressure of the CPAP therapy should only be going through your nose, if air enters or escapes the mouth then this will negatively affect your therapy.

Aside from preventing loss of therapy, a chinstrap can also be beneficial to your sleep. A lot of CPAP users wake up with a dry mouth or sore throat after sleeping. The chinstrap will keep your mouth closed and help keep your mouth and throat from drying out. Additionally, a chinstrap can help reduce or eliminate the sound of snoring. A chinstrap not only benefits you but is also beneficial to anyone sleeping near you. Chinstraps come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. If you try a chinstrap and don’t like it don’t give up because there probably is a chinstrap that works for you. Most chinstraps are made with a stretchy material that ensures comfort. Some chinstraps even have Velcro adjustments that make it even easier to fit your head perfectly.

Some patients are hesitant about using a chinstrap because they do not want more straps on their head. We assure you the chinstraps are very easy to get used to and after a few nights it will become routine to use. Choosing not to use a chinstrap potentially defeats the purpose of putting on a CPAP mask in the first place. When the air escapes, the therapy can be lost and you may experience the original symptoms of sleep apnea. At Nationwide Medical we make sure you are given the best options of chinstraps available and we will answer any questions you have using it. Most insurances cover chinstraps twice a year, we will make sure you get a fresh new one every time you are eligible. Do not wait, start using a chinstrap right away!

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