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A Traveler's Guide to CPAP

Updated: May 12, 2023

You don’t have to forego that family reunion or vacation to the ‘land down under’ now that you’re sleeping soundly with your PAP therapy. Don’t sacrifice a good night’s rest when seeing the world! Did you know that most PAP therapy devices today are much smaller than they were just a few years ago? Not only that, but many models come with detachable humidifiers which can shrink your machine size to about half of its current size! Don’t have a newer machine? Most insurances will cover a new machine if the old one is at least 5 years old. Contact us today to find out if your machine is eligible for an upgrade! Here are a few tips for traveling with your PAP device.

Domestic Travel

Traveling within the United States of America or Canada? Airport TSA officers are very familiar with PAP therapy machines and see them numerous times a day. In order to avoid going a single night without your machine, placing your PAP machine in your checked baggage is not recommended. If your baggage is misplaced, you would be without your machine. As you enter the TSA checkpoint at your airport, the PAP machine will need to come out of its case and be placed in a bin prior to being sent through the conveyor belt which will x-ray the machine. This will not harm the machine or data on the machine. The facemask and tubing can remain in the case. Of course the plastic trays many airports provide aren't exactly sterile, so if you like, you can place your PAP machine in a clear plastic bag before you put it in the tray. Going camping or away from an outlet for a few days? No problem! We offer rechargeable battery packs for the ‘away from it all’ outdoor life! Just click here for a list of our options

International Travel

Travelling internationally with your device is very similar to traveling domestically except that in addition to planning ahead for the TSA check, you will also need to find out what types of electrical outlets are standard in your country of destination. You do not need a converter. One of the many joys of newer technology is that in many cases, voltage converters are not needed. The plastic brick in the middle of your PAP therapy cord will do all the power conversion for you! Most retailers like Best Buy, Target, Fred Meyer, or Wal-Mart sell travel adapters that you can fit onto the end of your PAP device power cord which will enable the plug to fit into the outlet once you arrive. That’s all you need! For a complete and detailed list of countries and their respective plug/ outlet types, click here. Bon voyage!

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