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Welcoming Two New Machines to the CPAP Family!

Updated: May 12, 2023

New to CPAP or looking to replace that out-of-date machine? Well you are just in time for the most up-to-date technology that top CPAP manufacturers have to offer!

Introducing from Resmed, the smaller and lighter, Airsense 10. This machine is an updated version of the S9 model. The Airsense 10 has a sleek design with “advanced comfort technology”. This model displays a user friendly LCD screen on the face of the machine as opposed to the top of it. This makes it easier to navigate through the menus while lying in bed. In addition to cosmetic improvements, the Airsense 10 has a variety of mechanical upgrades:

  • This machine is built with an “Easy-Breathe Motor” allowing the machine to funtion with virtually no noise.

  • An ambient light sensor that adjusts the screen’s backlight to match the brightness of your room.

  • There is also a new SmartStart™ function that allows you to put on your mask, begin breathing, and your therapy will start. The machine will turn off automatically the second you take your mask off.

The Resmed Airsense 10 is available in all PAP units for any pressure. All machines come compatible with heated tubing, an upgraded version of the S9’s Climateline. The new tubing is listed as the Climateline Air. This machine is user friendly and will allow you to have a more comfortable sleep experience.

As a friendly competitor, Phillips Respironics has also released a new machine called the Dreamstation. This machine was made with the user in mind. A lighter and more styled upgrade to the previous Respironics System One models. The Dreamstation is designed with new tray-like filters, making it easier to clean and replace your filters every couple of weeks. The water chamber located in the humidfier now has an open face making cleaning more simple. The water chamber is also dishwasher safe and has improved fill lines that are more visible, reducing the chance of overflow.

This machine is also available in all PAP styles as well as the capability of being set to any pressure. A heated tube is optional for this machine and is listed as The Dreamstation Heated Tubing. More advanced features on this machine include:

  • Auto On/Off: If enabled, the machine can start or stop therapy when it is detected that the user has put on or taken off their mask.

  • Mask Fit Check: The DreamStation Pro has a mask fit check tool which will provide airflow and indicate if the mask has an adequate seal or not.

  • AHI Data: Nightly, weekly, and monthly AHI numbers are projected on the LCD screen to provide additional data regarding Apnea and Hypopnea events.

  • Regular Reminders: The machine will populate a message regularly to remind the user to replace filters.

If you are looking to get a new machine or are due for a replacement, please contact us. A representative will be able to answer all your questions and get you started. We work with your Doctor and your insurance to obtain the correct documentation for you. We will make sure you get your new machine as quickly as possible with minimal effort on your behalf.


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