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Traveling With Your CPAP

Updated: May 12, 2023

Whether it’s visiting the family over the holidays, going on a week-long cruise, flying for a business trip, or hitting the road for a much-needed vacation, everyone who uses a CPAP knows that travel presents a dilemma: do I find some way to lug my machine and supplies or forgo therapy while I’m away?

It’s tempting, but deep down, we all know that we shouldn’t skip the prescribed sleep apnea therapy. At the same time, it can be a real hassle to pack the CPAP machine, hose, mask, and cleaning supplies and then go through the necessary set-up and cleaning steps each day. You might even face a lack of a steady power supply or distilled water during your travels.

So you’re back to the dilemma: deal with the hassles or skip therapy while traveling?

How about a third option: comply with prescribed therapy by using a travel CPAP machine.

If you aren’t familiar with these newer styles of CPAP machines, they are a revolution in the sleep apnea therapy industry (and they have been a hit around the Nationwide Medical office). They are perfectly suited for situations in which you find yourself away from the comforts (and dependability) of home.

Travel CPAP features include:

  • Small and lightweight – the Z1, for example, weighs only 10 ounces and is about the size of a soda can

  • Portable batteries – they can power a full night’s rest and fully charge within 5-8 hours; some even have solar battery chargers

  • Waterless humidification system – no spills and no need for distilled water

  • Mask compatibility – the Transcend has a universal adaptor to work with your existing CPAP mask

  • Automatic altitude adjustment – you can sleep comfortably and quietly on those long flights

Patients who travel frequently say the investment in a second CPAP machine was worth every penny. They can pack up and hit the road without making a choice that could put their health at risk.

You can learn more about the various models and accessories of travel CPAP machines by clicking here to visit the Nationwide Medical Direct page. Note that a prescription for a travel CPAP machine is required, so be sure to talk to your doctor if you want to try one of these models. The Nationwide Medical clinical care team is also available at 1-877-307-2727 if you have questions about travel CPAP models and sleep apnea therapy.

Nationwide Medical Inc. is the leader in sleep apnea support and CPAP/BiLevel machines and supplies. We have more than a decade of experience serving 100,000 patients with 24/7 clinical support. You can reach us at or call 1-877-307-2727 (CPAP).

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