It's Cold & Flu Season!

It's Cold & Flu Season!

As we approach winter, cold and flu season is a concern for most people. Dirty supplies used with your PAP equipment can cause respiratory issues and stretched-out mask parts can prevent optimal sleep. These circumstances can present a dangerous combination for your health.

WHY? Bacteria builds up in your mask or tube when left unchanged, and mask cushions can lose their seal over time and cause air to leak. When filters aren’t replaced, your device allows dust and other bacteria to enter your airway.

Not to worry though, there is good news! By changing your supplies regularly, you can ensure a healthy night’s sleep. Since most insurance plans allow for supply replacement, it is important to follow their recommended timelines below.


Mask Cushions and Pillows

Disposable Filters



Tubing (Standard or Heated)


Headgear and Chin Straps

Non-Disposable Filters

At Nationwide Medical, we’re here to help you stay healthy this cold and flu season. If you have questions about your supplies or how to change them out, or need replacement supplies, please call our Clinical Care team toll-free at (877) 307-2727.

Nationwide Medical Inc. is a leader in sleep apnea support, CPAP/BiLevel machines, supplies and can service all of your oxygen needs. We have more than a decade of experience serving over 100,000 patients with 24/7 clinical support and are contracted with Medicare and most commercial insurance companies. You can reach us at or call 1-877-307-2727 (CPAP). Please also visit our cash pay site at

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