Let’s troubleshoot!

Here at Nationwide Medical, Inc., we know that using PAP therapy equipment and supplies can be the improvement in your sleep that can change your life. Despite this, you may be experiencing issues that can be easily fixed, if addressed properly.

1. Are you experiencing any of the following mask issues?

  • Dry eyes

  • Redness, marks or skin abrasions

These problems may be caused by a leak, a poor-fitting mask, or headgear that is too tight.

How can you fix this?

  • Loosen the headgear (over tightening can break the seal or cause skin breakdown)

  • Make final adjustments to your headgear while lying in bed

2. Are you experiencing any of the following nasal issues?

  • Sinus discomfort

  • Congestion

  • Runny nose

  • Dry mouth

  • Dry nose

If you have these conditions, they may be due to breathing through your mouth or a possible illness, such as the flu or a cold.

How can you fix this?

  • Try a chin strap to prevent mouth leaks and mouth breathing

  • Use normal saline nasal spray

  • Try heated tubing

3. Are you having machine or pressure issues?

These issues may require a change in pressure setting or changing the ramp to temporarily reduce pressure. One of our Clinical Care Technicians can help you to resolve the issues with your machine for a better night’s sleep.

If you are unable to resolve your issue or need further assistance from our Clinical Care Technicians, we are always here to help you. You can reach the Clinical Care team at Nationwide Medical, Inc., toll-free at (877) 307-2727.

Nationwide Medical Inc. is a leader in sleep apnea support, CPAP/BiLevel machines, supplies and can service all of your oxygen needs. We have more than a decade of experience serving over 100,000 patients with 24/7 clinical support and are contracted with Medicare and most commercial insurance companies. You can reach us at www.nationwidemedical.com or call 1-877-307-2727 (CPAP). Please also visit our cash pay site at www.nationwidemedicaldirect.com.

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