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Have Back Pain and Searching for Instant Relief? Look No Further!

Updated: May 12, 2023

Nationwide Medical carries the BIOBACK by Lumbar Orthosis, a solution to your ongoing back aches. Nearly two-thirds of Adults suffer from back pain and most do not seek treatment. Don’t let the pain control your life and restrict you from doing what you love, act now! The BIOBACK is covered by most insurances with a Doctor’s prescription. This back brace is licensed by the FDA and has been awarded the “Congress of Chiropractic State Associations” seal of approval. The BIOBACK is comfortable and concealable, you can wear it under any article of clothing and it will not be noticed! Just wrap around your lower back, velcro to the size you find comfortable and in minutes you will already experience pain relief.

The BIOBACKis available in two sizes:

Standard- 22”-50” waist

Large- 51”-78” waist

“BIOBACK® is a reimbursable medical device employing a unique design for the relief of your lumbar back pain. We hear every day how well patients respond to the BIOBACK. They enjoy a return to active lifestyles and also proactively avoid injury.”

“BIOBACK combines two forces, that you will feel immediately, and creates a comfortable, corrective support. This comfortable support encourages a positive biomechanical response of the muscles in your lower back resulting in proper postural alignment that you can see and reduced muscle tension that you feel, for decreased lower back pain, and improved mobility.”

“A clinical trial demonstrated that the BIOBACK reduces strain on your lower back muscles by an average of 46% – far in excess of the results you would experience with conventional compression braces.”

If you are suffering from any back pain and think the BIOBACK may be able to help you please contact us. We will work with your Doctor and insurance to make sure you get covered. We want you to get the relief you deserve.

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