Buy Supplies, When You Need Them

If you want to buy extra supplies that insurance won't cover such as a travel CPAP Machine, check out our cash pay website for all your CPAP needs.


We offer the following:

CPAP Supplies

Need to buy a heated tube cover? Extra nasal pillows or filters? Check out our CPAP Supply section for an assortment of CPAP supplies.


Buy CPAP accessories ranging from cleaning supplies, power adapters, humidifiers, comfort accessories and more.

Pre-Owned Machines

All our pre-owned machines go through a 12-point inspection, are cleaned, and reset to original manufacter settings.

CPAP Masks

Want to buy an extra mask or a mask assembly kit? Click to browse our supply.

CPAP Machines

Need an extra unit or a travel unit? Browse our selection of CPAP machines both new and pre-owned at a great low price.

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