The Nationwide Medical Difference

We provide the most convenient and professional quality service in the industry. We understand your

business and know what it takes to make your patients feel cared for.  At Nationwide Medical, Inc.,

we strive to ensure the highest quality of service and products, along with great value and

convenience to physicians and sleep lab facilities who work with patients in our program.


As the pioneer of CPAP/Bilevel follow-up care, Nationwide Medical, Inc. is the number one choice provider

and still going strong after 16 years in the business. Our industry experts are qualified medical

professionals who understand the true value of good follow-up care, long before it became an industry

expectation. With many years of experience and top quality products that cannot be matched by

competitors, Nationwide Medical, Inc offers a chance to work exclusively with the best in the industry. 

Whether you’re a patient trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or a physician, sleep lab or DME trying

to get the best possible care for your patients, our quality and service simply cannot be matched. 

What We Offer to Physicians and Medical Facilities


Superior Service

Your patients are always in good hands and will receive the attention they deserve.

Streamlined Process

We have spent years perfecting our process to ensure your staff can save time and money from the hassle of paperwork.


We provide detailed follow-up notes on your patient to help you track your patient’s progress.

Top of the Line Equipment

We offer the highest quality equipment and supplies for physicians that competitors don’t have available.

Highly Trained Staff

We have specialists available for patients directly via phone or email which minimizes the burden to you.

Offer Recommendations

We only recommend qualified sleep lab facilities and offer the in-home sleep test options for your patients.

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What We Do for Your Patients


Accept Virtually Any Insurance

We conveniently accept most insurance carriers, and offer complimentary qualification assistance. We are also Medicare bid winners and service 96% of Medicare bid areas all around the country.


We offer cost-effective solutions such as FREE standard shipping directly to your patient's home.

Education is Key

We will provide access to educational materials via online content or have a certified respiratory therapist visit your patient to help solve any problems and instruct on how to manage sleep apnea.

Large Patient Base

With over 100,000 patients served over the years, we continue to provide excellence in our follow up care program.

24/7 Support

We have our phone lines open with patient service representatives from 6 AM until 6 PM Monday through Friday. But for those CPAP emergencies late at night, our clinical care team is available 24/7 to solve non life-threatening issues.

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If you are a Physician, Sleep Lab or DME, and would like to receive more information or get started today,

call us toll free at 1-877-307-2727 or e-mail us.